Messages from afar

A collection of short poems

Herein lies a collection of poems that came to me one evening. I do not claim to have written them, more that I was fortunate enough for them to pass through me.

May you reflect on these as I did when they arose.

Teacher on a sinking ship

Surrender to the crashing waves.
And let each breath be a prayer.
Breathe in this world, and breathe out god.
Let go!
Let in the darkness,
Let out the light!
Our fragile minds delight,
For that which is, on this good night.

Who are you?

I am the teacher that is learning,
The constructor of your destruction,
And the seed in your womb.
I am the silence in the crowd,
And the voice that grows ever softer as you wander into this true world.
Are you listening?
My name cannot be spoken.

From whence it came

Give in to the endless river that flows within us all.
Drink from its sweet waters, and sail!
Fear not of destination,
Or biting hesitation,
For all rivers travel rightly to the source.